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Sabtu, 20 November 2010

The Legend of Sangkuriang

          In the days of yore, in Tatar Parahyangan, established an empire that gemah ripah lohjinawi Kerta Raharja. Tersebutlah Majesty, who liked to sport hunting of animals, which always accompanied by a faithful dog, named "Tumang".

At one point the King hunting deer, but had a day the results are less encouraging. Animals hunted in the forests disappeared as if swallowed by the earth. Amid the disappointment did not get a prey animal, the King startled to turn a dog loyal "Tumang" who finds a baby girl lying among the grass hedge. What a joy the King, when the discovery of a baby girl who was flawless in image, considering that the King has long craved a daughter, but has not been blessed with children. The baby girl was named Princess Dayangsumbi.

Once daughter Dayngsumbi pretty handsome as an adult dipersunting a man, who later endowed a boy named Sangkuriang which also will have a penchant for hunting as well as the King. But unfortunately my husband did not live long Dayangsumbi.

One time, a very young Sangkuriang young, entered the hunt accompanied the King's pet dog who is also his mother's favorite, namely Tumang. But the day is not good cause does not obtain the results of the hunting game. Because Sangkuriang has promised to dedicate deer liver to his mother, while deer hunting does not gotten, then kill the Tumang Sangkuriang risked his mother's favorite dog and also the King to take his heart, which was dedicated to his mother.

When Dayangsumbi eventually learned that reindeer liver presented no other is his son's heart "the Tumang" her beloved dog, then murkalah Dayangsumbi. Encouraged by anger, accidentally, he beat his son's head with a scoop of rice that is being held, to cause wounds that scar. Sangkuriang effort to encouraging mothers feel in vain, and felt his actions were innocent. He thought no deer liver, heart anjingpun be, with no thought of loyalty during the Tumang who has devoted his life to serve the employer. Sangkuriangpun run away leaving the kingdom, then disappeared without karana.
After the incident Dayangsumbi feel very sorry, every day he always prayed and pleaded with Hyang Tunggal, so he can be reunited with his son. Later this petition Fulfilled, and the generosity of the Hyang Tunggal step that the Dayangsumbi gifted youth. Syahdan Sangkuriang that continues to wander, he grew penjadi gallant young man, magic mandraguna apalgi after he had conquered the demon that magic again, that Guriang Seven.

In a time travels, Sangkuriang without realizing he returned to the kingdom where it originated. And he brings alive the story line with a daughter who was flawless in a charming beautiful nan, who is the daughter Dayangsumbi no other. Sangkuriang fell in love with the princess, demikianpula Dayangsumbi will gallantry and good looks charmed Sangkuriang, then both terjalinlah affair. Sangkuriang or Dayangsumbi time did not know that in fact both the mother and child. Sangkuriang eventually apply dipersunting Dayangsumbi to become his wife.

Yet again the story line alive again opened the curtain closed, Dayangsumbi know that it is Sangkuriang young son, when he saw the scar Sangkuriang pat on the head, when he corrected her future husband's headband. After feeling confident Sangkuriang bring his son, Dayangsumbi trying to thwart the marriage with his son. To marry her, Dayangsumbi proposed two conditions to be met by the deadline Sangkuriang before dawn.
The first condition, Sangkuriang should be able to make a big boat. The second condition, Sangkuriang should be able to create a lake to be used sailing boat.

Sangkuriang undertakes these requirements, he worked overtime assisted by stealth wadiabalad Guriang Seven leaders to realize the request. Large wooden timber for boat and stem the Citarum river, he got from the forest on a mountain which, according to legend later given the name Mount Hill Tunggul. The twigs and leaves from trees that used the wood, he collected disebuah hill mountain named Burangrang.

Meanwhile Dayangsumbi-Hyang Tunggal was begging her to help him, frustrate the purpose Sangkuriang to marry him.

Sang Hyang Tunggal Dayangsumbi granted the request, before the job is complete Sangkuriang, ayampun crowing and dawn ... .... Sangkuriang anger, knowing he failed to qualify, he kicked the boat that is being made. The boat eventually fell facedown, and according to legend will be Mount Tangkubanparahu, while the flow of Citarum River is dammed to form lakes gradually Bandung
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Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

Duck shepherd girl

Duck shepherd girl

Work Grimms Brothers.

Age of yore there was a kingdom ruled by a queen. He has a daughter who is very charming. We call it the daughter of Anne. As a princess, since little daughter Anne was betrothed to a prince of the neighboring kingdom, Prince Henry. When it was time they should get married, the whole kingdom was busy preparing for departure daughter Anne. Because travel to the kingdom of Prince Henry's far enough, then the queen prepare enough supplies for wayangnya only daughter. Do not miss luxury items such as vases and trinkets made of gold and silver, crystal glasses and jewels to be brought as a symbol of greatness.

Queen Aline choose a trusted servant who will maintain and care for Anne's daughter during the trip and drive safely. Queen was also chosen to be the best horse riding daughter Anne. Falada, the queen's favorite horse, not a horse at random. He is very loyal and can talk, that's why the queen chose to bring the princess. Came the moment of departure. Queen Anne's daughter called to face. He took out a small knife and cut his finger. Then three drops of blood dripping into a white handkerchief and handed it to his daughter.
"My son!" the queen said, "this handkerchief watch carefully, do not get lost or scattered. This will take care of you during the trip."

So sad eyes accompanied by the queen, the daughter of Anne and her maid Aline, go to the royal princes Henry.
After walking some time, the daughter of Anne began to feel thirsty, so he called Aline.
"Aline! Fill the glass my gold in river water. I feel thirsty," said daughter Anne.
"If you're thirsty," said Aline, "come down from your horse and get yourself minummu. I do not want to be your servant"
Anne's daughter then dismounted and bent over the river to drink, because he was not allowed to drink in gold glass. "Oh God," he complained. Then three drops of blood of the queen answered the complaint:

"If the Queen knew,
he would not hurt. "

But daughter Anne remained patient. He did not say anything and just patted Falada to continue the journey. They had walked a few miles away when the princess Anne back thirsty. It was pretty hot weather. So when passing through a river, the daughter of Anne again said to Aline:
"Aline! Fill the glass my gold in river water. I feel thirsty," said daughter Anne.
But Aline still answered sarcastically: "If you're thirsty," said Aline, "come down from your horse and get yourself minummu. I do not want to be your servant"
Anne's daughter then came back down from his horse, bent down by the river to drink, because he was not allowed to drink in gold glass. "Oh God," he complained. Then three drops of blood of the queen answered the complaint:

"If the Queen knew,
he would not hurt. "

When he was bending, handkerchiefs containing three drops of blood fell into the river queen, and lost without realizing it. This is seen by Aline. Aline know without a handkerchief was the daughter of Anne did not have the strength anymore. Malice arises in his heart for the master's daughter Anne.

So when my daughter Anne was about to climb Falada, Aline confronting and said:
"I'm a more suitable riding Falada, give him to me. And you can use my horse."
Evil servant's daughter Anne was forced to exchange his empire dress she wore clothes and threatened to kill the daughter of Anne when she says this incident in Prince Henry.

They continued on, until finally arrived in the kingdom of Prince Henry. They were greeted with great fanfare. Prince Henry to come over to Aline that he thought was her fiance, and took him into the palace. Meanwhile, Anne's daughter locked outside the palace. By chance the king was looking out the window and saw a girl standing outside the palace. The king saw that the girl is very elegant and beautiful dress though looks outdated.
"Who's that girl?" asked the king.
"Oh, I see him on the street and I invited him to accompany me. If the emperor's permission, give him a job," said Aline.
King did not know what a suitable job for her daughter as beautiful as Anne, the king said:
"Maybe he can help mengembalakan Conrad for ducks."

Although Aline satisfied because it can keep sight of Prince Henry's daughter Anne, but she's still worried his secret would be exposed to remember Falada, saddler's daughter Anne can speak and can leak secrets. He find a way to get rid of the horse. He said to the prince:
"Prince, may I ask you a favor?"
"With pleasure," replied the prince.
"Kill tungganganku horse, because the way here he's hurt," he said.

Prince then ordered an executioner to cut off the head Falada to that poor horse died. Falada obituaries until well into the ear daughter Anne, who immediately went to the executioner and begged him:
"O hangman, allow me to exchange Falada head with a handful of gold."
"Well," replied the executioner. "What do I do with this horse's head?"
"Gantungkanlah at the palace gate, so I can look at him every time I passed," said the daughter. Executioner agree and implement demand Anne's daughter.

Every morning when she and Conrad through the gates while herding the ducks he would say to the head Falada: "Hello Falada!"
And head Falada will answer:
"Hello princess, how pale you are. If the Queen knew, her heart would be hurt."

Every day of Princess Anne and Conrad herding ducks in the villages around the kingdom. When the ducks were looking for food, the daughter of Anne unwind. He'd untied long hair and shine. So beautifully to the point that Conrad wanted to hold it. Anne's daughter whisper to the wind:

O Bertiuplah breezy wind
Conrad hat there Terbangkanlah here
Make him much run
Until my hair back neatly
And can be tied back!

Suddenly, a flying wind Conrad hat so she had to run after him. And when he returned, daughter Anne had finished her hair. Conrad was disappointed because he could not hold the hair's daughter Anne, the day that he did not want him to speak. And when evening came, they herded the ducks returned to the palace. It lasted for days, until one day Conrad could not bear it and complained to the king:
"I do not take it anymore herding ducks with the girl," he said.
"But why?" asked the king.
"Oh, because she annoyed me all day," Conrad said.
"What makes you annoyed?" asked the king.
"In the morning when we passed the gate, which depends on the head of a horse, he would say hi and that horse will respond:
"Hello princess, how pale you are. If the Queen knew, her heart would be hurt."

Then Conrad tells how the daughter of Anne whispered to the wind and the wind will oblige. The king ordered Conrad to stay herding ducks with daughter Anne, while the king would investigate the truth of the story.

So the next morning the king was standing behind the gate waiting for the daughter of Conrad and Anne passed. King heard how Anne's daughter greeted Falada head and the horse's head to answer. King also sees his own daughter Anne whispered to the wind and the wind is making Conrad ran here and there chasing the wind hat.
In the afternoon the king's daughter called Anne and asked why he did it.
"I will not tell anyone, because I have sworn and my soul may be threatened," said daughter Anne.
Princess Anne was still refusing to tell even the king had been forced. So the king said:
"Well, if you do not want to tell me. You can tell on the wall there, then you do not violate your oath and your burdens will be reduced." Then the king left his own daughter Anne. But the king secretly went to the back wall.

Princess Anne then took out his heart to the wall of pain, he said:
"In this strange place I was shipwrecked, and once I was the king's daughter, and my maid take my crown, my fiance, too. As I had to duck herding throughout the day. Oh, if my mother knew, her heart would be hurt."
King out of hiding and brought to the court's daughter Anne. The king sent some servants to dress the princess Anne to look very charming. Then the king called Prince Henry and told the incident.

At night, the king invited a few guests, daughter and daughter Aline fake Anne for dinner. Princess Anne was sitting right next to Prince Henry, while Aline on her left side. But do not notice the existence of Aline's daughter Anne. After eating and drinking, the king told Aline beta of what the penalty for someone who betrayed his master and seize the right.
"He should be stripped naked, put into barrels that have been stuck the nails. Then the two horses dragging him around the city until the traitor is dead," he said.
"That's the punishment for you!" said the king. "You have to decide themselves what is appropriate punishment for traitors like you," said the king.

Aline was then receive a reward for his actions. Meanwhile, the daughter of Anne and Prince Henry the end of their wedding. And they lived happily ever after.

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The girl and the Singing Tree

The girl and the Singing Tree

In a bustling port town lived a girl orphan. Girl name. Father and mother died when she was little. Since the girl lived with her aunt. However the very rude to her aunt. The girl is very sad. But he tried to brave and patient.

The girl was a diligent boy. He tried to do his duties properly. One of them is to take water from wells. Location of the wells is very far from home. Fortunately, in the middle of the road there is a big old tree and lush. The girl often stopped under the tree to unwind.

Sometimes, sad girl crying under the tree. He felt alone in this world. He did not know to complain to anyone. Between sobs, She always prayed to God to watch over and help him. Strangely, every time he cries, the tree was always develop branches. The leaves move gently and rhythmically. Soft breeze like a melodious song. The girl was always fascinated to hear it. So he would forget his grief. Even to sleep. When he fell asleep tree branches bent leaves. The girl so sheltered from the hot sun. If the girl fell asleep too long, the tree will drop leaves into a smooth cheek. Because of the girl was awake.

Day after day passed .. King will make a cruise ship. Old trees that have to be cut down. The wood used to build ships. The girl became restless, she worried that parents will participate tree felled.

That afternoon, after taking water from wells, She stopped for a moment under the old tree. He saw a white cross on the tree trunk. Means the tree will be cut favorite. The girl's heart was so sad. He could not speak. The tears flowed freely. Tanggannya hugged his beloved tree.

"My tree, maybe today is the last day of our meeting. Tomorrow they'll cut you. I'll lose the only friend I had. I was so sad. But I can not help it. Good-bye my tree," She sobbed.

As the days and the tree bent back the branches and leaves. As if hugging girl. The leaves are gently rubbed his cheek girl. There was singing from the tree.

"Do not be sad, sweet boy. The ship will not sail without a will. Come and join sail with him later. So we will be together again," whispered the console tree girl.

The next morning the tree was felled. A few months later the ship was finished King desired. A gala party was held when the ship would sail for the first time. But when will be launched, the ship would not move at all to leave the dock. Residents tried to push it. But the ship remained motionless. King became upset and angry.

News about the ship that refused to move were finally heard by the girl. He remembered the last message her old tree. She painstakingly went to the port city. And managed to meet the King. He asked permission to be sailing ship. King originally did not believe it. But because the ship would not move, the king finally allowed. The girl was rushed up to the ship. Full bridge diusapnya miss it.

"My tree, please help me. Move, cruise .. The entire population of this town want to see you sail the ocean."

Everyone's waiting to pound what would happen. The ship was moving little by little. Then he lepaslah from the back. He calmly drove to the sea. Cheering townspeople. King was also happy about his heart. The girl hugged.

"How can engaku this membuatkapal sail?" King asked in astonishment mingled with surprise.

"Thanks to the grace of God, Your Honor. Incidentally this ship made of old wood my friend," She replied politely.

The girl then told the whole story of his life to the King. The king's heart was touched. Since the girl lived in the palace and became the adopted son of King.

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The Squire Hidesato Fujiwara Rice

The Squire Hidesato Fujiwara Rice

The story of Japan.

Duluuuu once in Japan there lived a brave knight. People call Tawara Toda, or Squire Rice. Its original name was Fujiwara Hidesato. Residents have strong reasons why he was given the title of Squire Rice and here is her story.

One day to go wandering Hidesato. As a warrior, he did not sit for long without doing anything. So with two giant sword and a bow, he set out to find adventure.

After a long walk he came to a bridge that connects both sides of the beautiful Lake Biwa. He had just climbed the steps past the bridge when he saw that in the middle of a bridge across a very big dragon. His body was larger than the trunks of banyan trees and covering the entire body of the bridge. His head was leaning on the side of the bridge across Lake Biwa while the tail around his nose Hidesato. The monster seemed to be asleep. Tkeluar smoke from his nostrils like smoke coming out of the chimney.

Hidesato ampir initially thought better to cross the bridge. However ksatriamya soul demanded to continue the journey. So the removal of fear. He started walking on the body of the dragon. Cring ... cring vote against the iron shoes with a hard dragon scales.

He had just come down from the bridge when he heard someone call him. He was surprised to see a giant dragon that has been lost. In the middle of the bridge now stands a man. He bowed deeply red Hidesato circumstances. At the head of a dragon-shaped crown perched. Wearing clothes that were patterned dragon scales. Could he have been the incarnation of a giant dragon? Hidesato immediately approached him.
"Are you calling me?" Hidesato asked.
"Yes sir," said the stranger. "I have one request. Will you grant it? "
"If I could, I would do. But who are you? "Hidesato asked.
"I am the Dragon King in this lake. My home is on the bottom of the lake just below the bridge, "he said.
"What can I do?" Hidesato asked.
"We've lived in this lake for years. We are a big family. But these few years we lived in fear because the king of evil thousand feet already know our abode, and every night he came to prey on my family one by one. I was helpless against him. If not stopped, the whole family and even I myself will become prey. Therefore I tried to find a brave man who could help us. I've been waiting for this bridge to form a fearsome dragon in hopes that someone who is not afraid of passing. However, everyone fled in terror when he saw me, you're the first who dared to step over my body. So I'm sure you are the right person for me to turn to for help. Will you help us kill the king was a thousand feet? "Said the dragon king.
Hidesato feel sorry to hear the story and he promised to help as best he could.
Because the king a thousand feet always come every night to search for mangsanaya, Hidesato decided to wait for the Dragon King's palace.

Hidesato never heard the beauty of the sea king's palace where all the wonderful ladies and men are fish-ika sea. But the Dragon King's palace at the bottom of the lake Biwa is also very impressive. The walls of the magnificent palace made of white marble glistening. Gold fish are graceful, red crabs and shells of silver king and greeted him. Very surprising for Hidesato because even though he was in the water, he still could not breathe and her clothes wet one bit.

Dinner was served. The food was remarkable, consisting of lotus leaves and flowers. Chopsticks made from rare ebony wood. The dancer who is a gold fish with a graceful accompaniment berlenggok music played crabs 10 red tail. They continued to cheer until the middle of the night when all the inhabitants of the palace rushed to hide themselves. The dragon king who lived with Hidesato the palace balcony. Then from the distance came the sound of rumbling sound as if thousands of soldiers were running over. It turned out it was the king's footsteps who was a thousand feet into the dragon king's palace. Hidesato seen eyes like balls of fire very bright move closer and closer. Dragon King stood trembling beside Hidesato.

"Ka ... Foot-thousand! That the king a thousand feet! He came to prey on us! Now it's time you kill him, "cried the dragon king.
Hidesato followed the king appointed the Dragon. And indeed in the back of a pair of balls of fire, Hidesato saw the king's body a thousand feet long and a very large ridge and crept closer to the dragon king's palace.
"Do not be afraid! I would have killed him. Pass the arrow and busurku! "Hidesato said.
King immediately brought Hidesato bows and arrows. It turned out that only 3 arrows left. Carefully Hidesato directing bow to the feet and a thousand arrows were shot quickly.

The arrow on the right between the two kings eyeball thousand feet. But instead of embedded in the body, the arrow is mentally and fell. Hidesato immediately took the second dart and took aim. This time it was exactly the same place. And not least to make cuts on his body. Kaki King thousand was immune to weapons. King of the cowering dragon.
Hidesato arrows now only one more. If he does not succeed this time, then they will all run out dimangsanya. Suddenly he remembered that he had heard someone say saliva is people who can cripple a thousand feet. But this is not the usual one thousand feet. The length of just seven times the diameter of the mountain. But there's no harm in trying, Hidesato thought.
He took the last dart and put it in his mouth. Then very quickly he aimed target. This time the dart had landed in the same place. But this time the dart stuck firmly in the target precisely. And Bam! Body of a thousand feet slammed into the ground and died. The inhabitants of the palace who secretly watched by cheering in anticipation. Now they are free from the terror that had haunted them.

The party was held back. This time it was more lively than the previous. The best dishes are served and drinks were poured most special. The king tried to persuade Hidesato to live in the palace as her thanks. However Hidesato graciously declined. He remembered the family he left behind and because the task has been completed now he must go back to them.

With a heavy heart, King Dragon and his family let go Hidesato. As a token of thanks, the king forced Hidesato to accept gifts he gave. Dozens of soldiers were ordered to the Dragon palace bring these gifts. And because they would travel on land, they changed into human form with dragon decoration in their heads. Dragon King Prize consists of: a copper bell is very large, a sack of rice, a roll of silk cloth, a panic for cooking and a small bell. After saying goodbye Hidesato left the court accompanied by a thank you from all over the palace.

Short Hidesato arrived safely at his home. Family who had been waiting anxiously, welcomed him with joy. After submitting all the presents he had brought, the soldier who brought these gifts disappeared.

The gifts was not a regular thing. Everything is magical objects. Hidesato award amount to the temple bell is sounded every hour for 12 noon. Her voice can be heard up to a dozen villages in the vicinity.
Silk cloth never even had he been cut to make clothes the whole family. Whatever she cooked in the pot would magically become a tasty dish, although not add spices to it. Rice never brought anything less though he and his family have been using it for days. Hidesato also share them with neighbors who need tetannga.
Habit of handing out rice that makes dubbed the Squire of Rice.
Thus the story of a brave warrior named Hidesato Japan.

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Six Soldiers

Six Soldiers

By Brothers Grimm

At one time there was a great guy, he has devoted himself to the country in war, and have tremendous courage, but eventually he was fired without any reason and only have 3 coins as treasure.

"I will not stand to see this," he said; "wait until I find the right person to help me, and the king must give all the wealth of the country before my problem with him is complete."

Then, with great anger, he went into the woods, and saw a man standing there, pulling a half-dozen trees as if the tree is the corn stalks. And he said to the man,

"Would you be my guy, and come with me?"

"Well," replied the man; "I have to bring home some wood is first house my mother and father." And take one by one tree, and combines this with 5 other trees and carrying it over his shoulder, he then went away; soon after he came back, he then joined together with his boss, who said,
"Together we can face the whole world."

And not long they walked, they met a hunter who was kneeling on one knee and carefully aimed his rifle.
"Hunter," said the leader, "what are you aiming?"
"Two miles from here," he said, "there is a fly that landed on the Oak tree, I intend to shoot the left eye of the fly."
"Oh, come with me," said the leader, "The three of us could face the whole world"

The hunter is desperate to go with him, so they all left together until they found seven windmills, whose blades spin fast the screen, although there is no wind blowing from any direction, and no leaf moved.

"Well," said the leader, "I can not think what moves windmill, spinning without wind;" and when they walked about two miles ahead, they met someone who was sitting on a tree, was closing one nostril and blowing his breath through one nostril.
"Now," said the leader, "What are you doing over there?"
"Two miles from here," the man replied, "there are seven windmills; I blew it until they can spin."
"Oh, come with me," pleaded the Leader, "four of us could face the whole world."

So the blower down and go with them, and after a while, they met a man who stood on top of one foot, and the other leg is removed, lay not far away.
"You seen to have a unique way the rest," said the leader to the man.
"I was a sprinter," he said, "and to keep me not to move too fast I've removed a foot of me, If I use my legs, I will be much faster than the birds that fly."
"Oh, come with me," said the leader, "the five of us could face the whole world."

So they finally set out with, and not long after, they met with someone who wore a small hat, and he wore just the right just above one ear.
"Be true! Act is right!" said the leader; "with a hat like that, you look like a fool."
"I do not dare wear this hat with a straight," he replied, "If I wear it straight, there will be a blizzard and all the birds that fly will freeze and fall dead from the sky to the ground."
Oh, come with me, "said the leader;" The six of us could face the whole world. "

So the six people who come out with until they reach the city where the king who caused his suffering would start the game where anyone who so winners will be married to her daughter, but whoever loses will be killed as punishment. Then the leaders go ahead and say that one of the people to represent themselves in the game.
"Then," said the king, "his life at stake, and if he fails, he and you should be put to death."

When the leaders had agreed, he called the runner, and a second pair of legs of the sprinters.
"Now, look well," he said, "and we strive to win."

Agreed that the first anyone could bring back water from distant streams and has determined it will be considered the winner. Now the king's daughter and the runner each took a jug of water, and they started running at the same time, but in an instant, when the princess is running some distance, the runner was out of sight as he ran like the wind. In an instant he had reached the river, kendinya fill with water and ran home again. Amid the way home, he began to feel tired, and stopped, put kendinya floor and lay on the ground to sleep. To be able to wake up immediately and not fallen asleep, he took a horse skull which was lying nearby and use it as a pillow. Meanwhile, the king's daughter, who is also a good runner and good enough to beat an ordinary person, has reached the river, too, kendinya fill with water, and accelerate the return flight, when he saw the runner who had fallen asleep in the middle of the road.

"Today is mine," he said happily, and he emptied and the waste water from the pitcher and the runner ran home. Now almost everything has gone but the hunter who is also standing on the castle walls, with sharp eyes can see everything that happened.

"We must not lose the princess," she said, and he filled his rifle, began to aim carefully and shoot the horse's skull which is used as a pillow under the head of the runner without hurting the sprinters. The runner up and jumped up, and saw the empty kendinya banya and princesses have far to run back to where the game started. Without losing courage, he ran back into the creek, filled with water kendinya back, and for that, he managed to run back again 10 minutes before the princess arrived.

"Look," he said; "This is my first time really using my legs to run"

King became annoyed, and her daughter more upset again, because he had been defeated by regular soldiers who had been sacked; Eden, they both agreed to remove the soldier and his family together.

"I have a plan," replied the King; "do not be afraid but we have to silence them forever." Then they met the soldiers and followers, inviting them to eat and drink, and the king led them into a room, the floor is made of steel, the door is also made of iron, and the windows have metal frames; in the room there is a a table full of food.
"Now go in and make yourself as comfortable as possible," said the King.

When the soldiers and followers of all inside, he locked the door from the outside. He then summoned the cook, and told him to make a very big fire under the room until the floor becomes very hot iron. And these cooks did what was ordered by the King, and six people inside began to feel the room get hot, but thought that it was because the food they eat, along with the increasing temperature hot room, mreka aware that doors and windows locked tight, their aware of the king's evil plan to kill them.

"After all, he will never succeed," said the man with the little hat; "I will bring snow storm that will make a fire to feel ashamed of himself and crawled away."

He then put his hat on his head straight, and as quickly blizzard came and made all the hot air to be lost and the food to be frozen on the table. After an hour or two passed, Raya thought that they had been killed by the heat, and ordered to reopen the door of the room, and went into to check on them. When the door wide open, they found six of them survived and seemed ready to come out to warm up because the room was too cold and cause food on the table to be frozen. With full fury, the king went to the cook, chided and asked the cook why not do what they're told.

"The room was quite hot; you may be able to see for yourself," said the cook. The King was looking down the iron room and saw fire burning underneath, and began to think that the sixth person can not be removed that way. He began thinking about a new plan, so he called soldiers who became the leader and said to him,

"If you do not want to marry my daughter and select properties of gold, you can take as many as you want."

"Well, my lord the king," replied the leader; "let me take as much gold that can be carried by the retainers, and I'm not going to marry your daughter." King agreed that the leader will come in two weeks to take the promised gold. The leaders called all the tailors in the kingdom and told them to make a huge sack in two weeks. And when the sack was ready, the strong (who found the tree removed and binding) the sacks on his shoulders and faced the King.

"Who was the man who brought home a bundle on his shoulder for this?" cried the king, terrified at the thought of the amount of gold that can be taken away. And a ton of gold is usually hauled by 16 men strong, only the hip in the shoulder with one hand.

"Why do not you bring more? Gold is only covering the basic of this bag!" So the king ordered to slowly fill it with all his wealth, and even then, the bag is not filled half full.
"Take some more!" cried the Strong; "this wealth does not mean anything!" Then finally the 7000 train loaded with gold collected from the whole empire ended in the sack.
"It seems not too full," he said, "but I'll take what I can take it." although in these bags still available empty space.
"I must end now," he said; "If not full, it seems much easier to tie." And the strong man and then raise the bag and left dipunggungnya go along with his friends.

When the King saw all the riches of kerajaanya carried by only one person, he was very angry, and he ordered his troops to pursue the six men and seized the bag back from the Strong.

Two cavalry could pursue them immediately, ordered the six men to surrender and become prisoners, and returned back to the treasure sack or killed.

"Being a prisoner, you say?" said the man who could blow, "perhaps you need to dance in the air together," and the closing one nostril and breathe through the other hole, the troops flying over the mountain. But the commander who had nine wounds and is a brave man, begged them not humiliated. The blower then slowly lower it and ordered them to report to the King that any troops sent right to pursue them, will suffer the same fate with these forces. And when the king got the message, saying,

"Let them alone: they have the right to property." So the six men were brought home their wealth, share it and live happy until the end of their life.

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